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Find answers to solaris 10 x86 openssl patchpackage to address vulnerabilities from the expert community at experts exchange. Apr 19, 2017 oracle patches solaris 10 hole exploited by nsa spyware tool and 298 other security bugs. The way the solaris kernel is so scaleable across over 100 processors is not some clever hack, its taken years of refinement of the kernel. How to find the oracle solaris critical patch update cpu. May 19, 2009 solaris 10 patch return codes may 19, 2009 by gleb reys 4 comments now that some of the systems i have to regularly patch are solaris 10 ones, i have to get used to the new patch return codes which one can see when applying one of the suns recommended patchsets. For a limited time sunsolve will provide access to all solaris 10 patches. Cve20173623 in solaris 6 to 10, on x86 and sparc, to give the attacker a remote root shell. The recommended os patchset solaris 10 sparc provides the minimum set of patches needed to address security and sun alert issues, and selected issues identified by oracle proactive services and the oracle technical support center, for the solaris 10 operating system for sparc. One or more solaris patch fixlets available in the. So can i download free patches from the sun page, i mean with out paying a license. Click on that highlighted link to get the below screen where you can start os patch bundle download. Btw, while this bug is reported under a solarisgcc build the patches to.

Download the latest solaris 10 patches using patchfinder and find updated support content using the sunsolve knowledgebase. For servers with solaris 10 os at, or near, update 1 106 or update 2 606, if nonglobal zones are already configured and running, patching these servers at single user mode will encounter issues. We no need to bring down the server to single user mode if you are using live upgrade method during pathing and before choosing live upgrade,make sure you are using zfs as a root filesystem. Jul 03, 2012 solaris os patching has been moved far away from the traditional methods from solaris 10 onwards.

For the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration. Download solaris patch clusters from my oracle support. Hello guysnewbie to solaris here i need to get this patch on my solaris 10 sparc machine. Solaris 10 x86 jumpstart patch problem oracle community. I then did patchadd tmp12654605, then patchadd tmpidr15157701. Note the oracle solaris 10 106 software contains scriptspecial patches which do not deliver bug fixes or new features, but deliver changes that are required as a result of issues with the creation of the update image. Patch identification numbers and descriptions for oracle. I does work well on the sparc however i seem to have an issue with x86. Also, any solaris 10 system installed with solaris 10 1 solaris 10 update 11 are not vulnerable. How to use solaris live upgrade to install patches oracle. There were a total of 24 solaris 10 patches, including kernel updates, and 4 patchsets released on mos.

Jan 22, 2017 i dont know if its just my own ignorance or oracle purposely obfuscating the latest patch bundles for solaris but i recently had a hell of a time finding the january 2017 patch bundle for solaris 10. Getting solaris 10 patches with smpatch, pca and oracle. Openssh installing openssh is not needed on solaris 9 or 10. Solaris patching documentation center oracle technology. Reference index of cve ids and solaris patches doc id 1448883. I had installed solaris 9 x86 on my intel pc almost 9 10 months ago. For solaris for intel users, there is the less formal alt. Im trying to jumpstart and deploy the patch using the profile fileclassfile. Oracle kept sending me to a page recommending i use sunsolve. The solaris 10 10 08 patch list provides a list of patches preapplied to the solaris 10 10 08 release. These patches are required for the proper operation of the compilers and tools in this release.

Solaris fingerprint database companion and solaris fingerprint database sidekick. Using wget to download a support patch from oracle support site. This action only applies to sparcbased systems not solaris x86 or solaris ppc. Traditional method non live upgrade by admin this post is for the system admins who still wants to use the traditional method of. Upgrade sparc or x86 patches required for each oracle solaris release. This last weekend saw the switch off of sunsolve and the migration of the old sun support system across to oracles my oracle support. Ibm, lenovo servers continued to deliver highest reliability for 10th straight year. These release notes also include endofsoftware support.

Solaris 10 extended support will run thru january 2021. The patches contained in this patchset are considered the most. I am learning solaris, with solaris 10 x86, and one of the chapters in the manual is about patching. Solaris 10 1008 operating system patch list solaris 10. Dec 11, 2010 i hope oracle is not going to abandon solaris 10 in sake of their new solaris 11 express release. Quick download links to solaris 10 recommended patchsets leave a comment posted by jflaster on november 1, 2011 here are the quick links on. Patch identification numbers and descriptions for oracle solaris 10 platforms. As a result, the following scriptspecial patches are not made available for customers because they are not required outside.

Still we should be grateful to sun because solaris 10 moved unix far forward as the. Solaris 10 systems which have had any kernel patch installed after, or updated via patching tools since 20120126 are not impacted. How to apply a solaris recommended patch cluster solaris. For you information,from solaris 11 onward,zfs will be the default root filesystem. After this promotion ends, solaris 10 security fixes will remain available to everyone. Well, id guess that linux with the various sgi patches that run on the sgi 512 cpu systems arent some clever hack either, for that matter if thats what youre trying to imply. Patches released after the solaris 10 10 08 release can be found on the my oracle support. I realize since then sun has come out later release level for solaris 9, which i did downlaod as complete zip files. Depending on the size of your system, the patch process can take over an hour to complete. Article using solaris jumpstart with the solaris 10 os for x86x64 platforms. Recommended patchset for solaris 10 january 2016 solaris blog. Jun 09, 2009 im trying to jumpstart and deploy the patch using the profile fileclassfile. How to upgrade and patch with oracle solaris live upgrade.

The following list shows the x86based patches for this release. While sun has been testing and certifying that solaris 10 will run on various x86 and x64 servers from ibm, hewlettpackard, dell, and others, are finding that having sun or the opensolaris community attest to the usability of solaris on a particular box is not the same thing as having the maker of that box actually sell the operating system on the machine and guarantee that the drivers all. The solaris 10 1 kernel patch, 14714726 sparc 14714826 x86 post solaris 10 1 kernel patches have the patchids 148888xx sparc 148889xx x86 please note that there are no more planned updates to solaris 10, so these latest kernel patchids 148888xx sparc 148889xx x86 will continue to be used for the foreseeable. The patches that are listed in this chapter have been applied to the solaris 10 operating system in one of the following ways. Put the solaris 10 os for x86 x64 platforms dvd in the dvd player on the server. Is it possible to identify a solaris 10 patch cluster from. This script is typically used to add additional files, add packages and patches, customize the root environment, and install additional software. Traditional method non live upgrade by admin this post is for the system admins who still wants to use the traditional method of patching for whatever reason they want to. Vnc server on a minimal solaris 10 server hiding passwords in scripts. Oracle patches solaris 10 hole exploited by nsa spyware tool and 298 other security bugs. Oracle patches solaris 10 hole exploited by nsa spyware tool. However, it is a good idea to bring it to single user mode before applying the patch cluster. The system is still booting but in maintenance mode. The solaris 10 release notes documents important installation and runtime issues and bugs.

Oracle patches solaris 10 hole exploited by nsa spyware. Solaris 9 x86 package version and patches installed. Using solaris jumpstart with the solaris 10 os for x86 x64. Old sun marketing slogan for solaris 10 ten steps ahead was only partially. Hi, the last kernel patch for solaris 10 x86 sorry i can t remember the patch id, but the revision is 30, available from sun update manager screwed up my system.

With solaris 10, patching the global zone will install the patches on all zones by default, unless the affected package isnt installed on the target zone or you explicitly ask to install the patch on the global zone only g. If you are able to regularly patch your systems, then apply the recommended patch cluster, which one can download if one has an oracle technology network login gratis which is tied to a valid support contract non gratis. Scott lynn put together a very informative blog on solaris 10. There is nothing in solaris 10 and earlier patches to identify the date, and this is on purpose. Solaris 10 os patching using liveupgrade unixarena. With oracle solaris 10 807, and subsequent releases, patching oracle solaris. Operating system patches for oracle solaris 10 are provided for the oracle solaris studio 12. However, since oracle took over, in my view there has been a loss of interest in small to. This action only applies to sparcbased systems not solaris x86 or. Unfortunately, one of the things lost was the incredible ease to locate and download patch clusters. When i was researching it last night, appeared one of the cves was for hpux, another for x86, so only one of the cves might apply. Like in cases of red hat and suse the cost of support is extra, but it is more reasonably priced. For example, if you were to patch a solaris 10 305 system with the latest recommended patch cluster, many of the patches relate to functionality introduced after solaris 10 305, and therefore, patches with the new functionality would fail to install. Jan 19, 2016 for the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration.

Solaris 10 kernel patches looks hard, but it isnt oracle. Martin, on solaris 10 x86, this patch makes it possible to build python 2. The sun patch page provides all the patches for your specific system configuration. My question is is there any way to bring my exiting installed softeare to the latest level, instaed of install the whole new package al over again. This appendix lists oracle solaris 10 patches that are included with this release. For an example,if your systems are running with solaris 10 807 update4,then select that and select the right platform. Md5 the md5 software is not needed for systems running the solaris 10 os, because the digest1m command now includes md5 functionality. Because it would be a great exercise to patch my installation of solaris. Patches may only be loaded on the global zone but not on. One or more solaris patch fixlets available in the patches for solaris site.

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