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Teams will consist of 8 players with a minimum of 6 players to avoid forfeit. Where a 17m length is not feasible due to the dimensions of a. Coed league has to have 3 guys3 girls on the court at. Dodgeball london run oneoff tournaments for company events and parties. The game is a regular part of physical education classes in schools and the popularity of the sport reached new levels thank. Officials should be clear when making decisions for example, when calling 5. From january 2021, affiliated clubs and companies using coaches without a british dodgeball level 23 qualification to lead sessions. This section is for those who want to download the official rule book we recommend reading through the simplified guide to dodgeball rules and regulations first the portable document format may be useful once you are familiar with the basic version. Dodgeball is primarily selfrefereed, and played with the honour rules. During league play, there are 4 referees, in which 2 are stationed at the end of the centerline. The uk dodgeball association recommends the following official dodgeballs only. The team captain is responsible for all information contained in the intramural rules and 2016 2017 im handbook. Elite dodgeball specifies a court 50 feet 15 m by 25 feet 7.

If a player ducks and this clearly is the cause for the player being hit above the shoulders, the player is out and the throw is considered legal. All other ordinary members of the team are either protecting the queenking or trying to hit the other teams. The typical dodgeball court is about the size of a small volleyball court, with a centerline and 2 sidelines. Uk dodgeball association ukdba level 2 coaching course.

These throws must be valid attempts at hitting a player e. Dodgeball is a selfregulated game that relies on the honor system. Hosting the asia pacific championships kuala lumpur 2017 world cup qualifiers date. It was founded in 2005 by the ceo and chairman of the organization, mo islam. A counselor will walk around and collect the balls.

Teams that meet the following criteria will advance to compete in the playoffs. Vancouver dodgeball league 10 easy dodgeball rules. We offer a fantastic deal for up to 30 people to take part in a 90minute dodgeball session. Dodgeball london follows the uk dodgeball association rules slightly different to the american way, but we feel its the more exciting way. Official rules the following is an abbreviated version of the rules printed in the official nada rule book. Level 1 coach qualification course information pack. If screen is down in gym, no one is allowed to cross through the screen to collect balls. Level 2 head coach qualification course information pack. Individuals placed on a house team must pay their individual fee at. The main balls are not as hard as on the film dodgeball, but they are not foam either. Theres definitely more to dodgeball than the 5 ds dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. A set is won when all opposing players have been eliminated by being rendered out. Referees start the game, confirm hits and catches, and count ball possession time.

Weve worked hard to compile the most common rules from all the playgrounds of our childhoods and create a. Dodgeball dodgeball is a fun and inclusive team sport that can be used to improve the core skills of catching, throwing, movement and agility. All extreme dodgeball games are played at the arc racquetball courts. Below is an abbreviated list of the basic ndl rules. Teams will be made up of six 6 players plus a maximum of two 2 substitutions. Jan 23, 2020 to prevent games from stalling, a leading team is only allowed to retain possession of one ball at a time.

During league play, there are 4 referees, in which 2 are stationed at the end of the centerline, that help facilitate the game. International dodgeball association official dodgeball rules. Come and play dodgeball with our fully qualified ukdba coaches at beau sejour, we are bringing something different to the island to help adults take up a new fun sport. Best practice example students in the eden valley have benefitted from taking part in dodgeball for the first time at.

In a standard dodgeball game, each team will line up on court with eight players a side. Two teams of five players each try to score by shooting a ball through a hoop elevated 10 feet above the ground. Heres everything you need to know to play a game of 5ball dodgeball according to british dodgeball rules. This section is for those who want to download the official rule book. Feel free to use these dodgeball rules in your dodgeball activities. It is based on the primary focus of the fcssc, which is. Vavi dodgeball rules are based on international dodgeball federation official rules with the following exceptionschanges. The ukdba has set ambitious targets for the future that will see the widespread growth of the sport of dodgeball within all age groups.

Official rules the national amateur dodgeball association. In order to win the game, you must hit the queen with the dodgeball. Basic dodge ball rules california state university channel. If you have any specific rules questions feel free to contact us at 952. Play ultimate dodgeball get free offical ukdba dodgeballs and get started. Team fees must be paid in full before the first game can begin. The court is divided into two main sections by the midcourt line. The game is played on a rectangular floor called the court, and there is a hoop at each end. International dodgeball association 10 easy dodgeball rules. Only the iowa games rule additions listed below are to have precedence over the nada rules. Heres our ultimate rules guide to one of the most fastpaced and exciting games on the planet. Introduction to dodgeball 101 beginning 6 players per team start touching the back wall on their side of the court.

Failure to display good sportsmanship may result in a team being ejected from the tournament. If youre tired of playing by the traditional dodgeball rules, heres a list of dodgeball variations that might interest you. Vavi dodgeball rules are based on international dodgeball federation official rules with the following. Teams each team normally consists of 6 players, with a minimum of two female players in the league other events depend on the specific tournament rules.

Shop playsport official ukdba foam dodgeball six pack. We recommend reading through the simplified guide to dodgeball rules and regulations first. Rule sets can vary from region to region, so make sure you go over the rules when playing at a new tournament or with a. Please check the intramural sports rules and regulations carefully. The tutor book will help you to understand the ukdba version of the game played throughout the uk in academic and social leagues. Dodgeball throwing overarm and snatch learning objectives.

British dodgeball bd governs the official rules of the game in the united kingdom. Dodgeball london dodgeball dodgeball london linkedin. A sustitute is not a player eliminated, heshe must be the 7th player at the start of the game. Dodgeball rules the origins of dodgeball are fairly sketchy but it has been a popular game for a considerable period of time. Aug 08, 2016 theres definitely more to dodgeball than the 5 ds dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. Ks3 dodgeball resources and lesson plans teaching resources. Nfyfc will play the rules as laid down by the uk dodgeball association. Forfeit time is the scheduled starting time individual games are forfeited for every 5 minutes a team is late fielding the minimum number of players 4, with at least 1 female and the entire match is forfeited if the minimum is not met by the end of the 10minute grace period. All other rules will follow the official nada rule book. A minimum of four 4 players will constitute a team. Candidates are assessed throughout and all areas must be passed in order to successfully complete the qualification. However, court size may be adjusted where necessary to suit the available space. Dodgeball tournament rules the team the game shall be played between two teams of 6 players.

A game is won when one team first scores 25 points first two games or 15 points tiebreaker game. Each team must have a minimum of four 4 players in order to begin a game. The dodgeball can be deflated for training purposes and groups with differing abilities. Please note that british dodgeball will no longer recognise ukdba coaching qualifications from january 2021. All the points in both the opposing partners hands are totalled and scored for the winning team. Players often use 6 balls in dodgeball uk regulation. British dodgeball five ball rules the british dodgeball five ball rules are based on the edbf five ball rules. This is because the sports integral rules and skills have changed significantly in recent years. The official dodgeball rules listed below have been constantly refined over the past 10 years to produce a style of dodgeball that is fastpaced, exciting, and fun. You can possibly win just by going all out as a group of individuals, but over time, this will prove to be a highly suicidal strategy.

Code of sportsmanship as an adult dodgeball player, it is your personal responsibility to never allow yourself or your teammates to cross the line between fun competition and unsportsmanlike behavior. Service area is three feet from each end of the court. Physical education expectations by capn petes power pe physical education rules. In reality, its lifesaving training using selfcontained breathing apparatus. Hitting an opposing player with a thrown ball below the shoulders. The objective of dodgeball is to win the most sets in a match. The match is won when one team wins the best of three games. At least 4 dodgeball players at the start of a game, with a minimum of 2 female and 2 males. The official dimensions for a regulation court are as follows. Substitutions may enter the game only during timeouts, or in the case of injury.

See more of united kingdom dodgeball association ukdba on facebook. Complete the form below and well send you everything you. Come and play dodgeball with our fully qualified ukdba coaches at beau sejour, we are bringing something. Ukdba level 2 coaching course sunderland this course offers an insight into dodgeball for aspiring coaches in the sport, developing their knowledge and understanding of how to coach dodgeball to a variety of ages, whether it is a local community group, or to a school team.

If a leading team has two or more balls ukdba rules. The british dodgeball level 2 coaching course british dodgeball is recognised as the national governing body for dodgeball in great britain and northern ireland the uk by the world dodgeball association and the european dodgeball federation. The senior dodgeball is 8 inches in diameter and should be inflated to a maximum of 2. With four players, four hands can be played, with each player partnering a different person in each. If a team has the minimum number of players, the game must start. The ukdba is responsible for the development, delivery and promotion of the sport of dodgeball throughout the uk. A game of dodgeball requires one head referee, one assistant. Dodgeball rules the following is the iowa games addition to the official nada rule book. Normal dodgeball rules apply backboard defined area 3 point linebasketball key 3 x dodgeballs dodgeball court condition the type of throw hit on the legs gets 2 players back in size of the target differentiated targets snatch and roll snatch and throw in one movement the game is played like the normal game of dodgeball. Basic foosball rules foosball rules no spinning there is one fundamental rule that should be applied to any foosball game.

One other person will be available as a substitute. It has become a regular physical education activity in. Substitutions may enter the game only during stoppages controlled by the umpires, or in the case of injury. Each player must meet one of the following conditions to signin.

The following is an abbreviated version of the rules printed in the official nada rule book. Each participant must present a valid id in order to be eligible to participate. Technical lessons in throwing, catching and dodgeing. Read the following article for different ways to play this fun game with friends and family. Introductionto rules andtacticsatthestart pdf, 278 kb. Just complete the form on the back and well send it to you. Interested in playing dodgeball, but dont know the rules. We offer support and services to the national teams, clubs, players, coaches and officials british dodgeball offers a range of awards and coaching.

Many people played with rubber balls in school, which could hurt if someone could throw them hard enough. Each participant is responsible for presenting a current bu id at game time. If you are out, you are expected to raise your hand and go out. Ukdba taster sessions for those looking for a fun introduction to the sport, our tutors deliver a 3 hour workshop delivering the rules, basic skills and knowledge to develop the sport in your area.

Warmup and warmdowns are essential for any training. Sep 26, 2016 ukdba dodgeball rules explained uon dodgeball. I dont think dodgeball needs to be banned from schools, as long as children are playing safely, and healthy competition is encouraged. The association is based in stevenage, united kingdom. Officials should look to implement and apply the rules whilst maintaining the safety of the players at all times. The purpose of a warmup is to get the blood flowing, muscles warm and your. The ukdba level 2 consists of 5 parts, 4 modules and an assessment. We promote fun whilst playing sport and mixing socially with others to have a good time and to encourage team building skills. Dodgeball rules uk 2020 regulations updated for beginners. The dodgeball playing area will be the volleyball court. United kingdom dodgeball association ukdba facebook.

Malaysia dodgeball federation, shah alam, malaysia. Anybody can officiate a game of dodgeball by studying the basic rules and applying them. Teams will consist of six to eight players, at least two of which must be female. British dodgeball adult rules 201920 british dodgeball plays to a five cloth ball game 1. Each team has one and only one special member who is dubbed the queen or king, depending on who you play with.

Download the official rulebook in portable document format. We also use the ukdba affiliated balls which dont hurt. Four square rules four square is played all over the world by all different communities. The court 1 the official 5 ball dodgeball court size is 17m by 8m. Ukdba level 2 head coach the ukdba level 2 coaching certificate in dodgeball is designed to enable those who have some experience of dodgeball to attain and develop the skills necessary to deliver a high quality experience to players of all ages. For further information on dodgeball rules please see the nfyfc dodgeball rules or visit. Substitutes may enter the game only during timeouts or in the case of injury. It was recognised by sport england as the national governing body of dodgeball in the uk until 2018. The dodgeball rules have a creative commons license, thus, please attribute the work properly. Typical dodgeball court is about the size of a small volleyball court, with a centerline and 2 sidelines. If you want to be successful, you need teamwork, communication, fitness, and strategy. The portable document format may be useful once you are familiar with the basic version. Ukdba dodgeball official rules book pdf download option. Only the player who is hit by the ball can catch the ball once it hits their body.

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