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The first year for camaro to pace the indianapolis 500 was in 1967, the year the camaro made its debut. For 1981, a regal with a v6 engine was the official pace car. The worst pace cars in indianapolis 500 history macs. Well, not really, this was more of a badges and stripes exercise rather than a monsterengine exercise as far as providing a pace car for the indianapolis 500. Chevrolet is proud to once again pace the indianapolis 500, said steve. For only the second time in history mercury was selected as the pace car for the indianapolis 500 race on may 30, 1957. For sale 1980 indy pace car used in the indy 500 as the caution car.

The pace car or safety car is utilized for two primary purposes. These cars known as festival or track cars have become prized collectibles, along with the limitededition. Pace diecast car models 116 150 118 124 112 143 164. At the start of the race, the pace car leads the assembled starting grid around the track for a predetermined number.

This is the 14th chevrolet corvette to act as the indianapolis 500s pace car. Chevrolet also offered replicas of the pace cars in 1969. This years official pace car is a 2017 chevy corvette grand sport. Janet guthrie was the first woman to qualify and compete in the indianapolis 500. The 2010 camaro indianapolis 500 pace car replica limited edition marks the fourth time chevrolet has offered a camaro pace car replica. The indianapolis 500 auto race has used a pace car every year since 1911. This book covers the indy 500 pace cars from 1911 1996. The new camaro was lighter, smaller and had a shorter wheelbase. The entire bodykit will be revamped with a more aggressive styling. These cars looked identical to the replicas available for sale in every way except for a ttop, fitted by cars and concepts an. Detroits automakers used to have a love affair with the indianapolis 500. Indianapolis the corvette grand sport is the official pace car for the 2017 indianapolis 500 and will lead drivers to the green flag on may 28 for the 101st running of the legendary race. Set to take place on may 29, this years indy 500 will be the 100th running of the event and chevrolet will provide the organizers with. The two actual pace cars were 396 big blocks with 4 speeds, as were some of the others.

Spencer riggss book pace cars of the indy 500, the model kbs crankshaft alone weighed 93 pounds and was more than three. Oldsmobile pace cars indy 500 pace car history general with a huge field of 40 cars having met the qualifying requirements for starting the inaugural indianapolis 500 in 1911, track founder carl fisher reasoned that this might be too many for the typical standing starts then in vogue. Sam hanks drove the thunderbird pace car at the 1961 indy 500 race. The little 500 is a bike race between the frat houses on the campus of indiana university. A 2007 chevrolet corvette convertible paced the 91st running of the indianapolis 500 on. Since then general motors has had 47 vehicles be the pace setter for the great american race. A total of 2 camaro pace cars were produced in 1969 for the race and prerace related activities. The indy 500 has been around for a long time and so has the pace car. Clocking in at 212 mph and 755 horsepower, this years pace car is the most powerful to take the track at ims. Indy 500 pace cars and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. The dodge stealth was to be the pace car, but the uaw didnt like the joint venture between chrysler and mitsubishi, forcing dodge to use.

Jun 27, 2016 the indianapolis 500 auto race has used a pace car every year since 1911. The black car is a 30th anniversary edition 500 copies to be made. They even tell you about who won the race that year. At the start of the race, the pace car leads the assembled starting grid around the track for a predetermined number of unscored warmup laps. The annual race was a chance for general motors, ford and chrysler to market new models. The chevrolet corvette pace car registry 2004 indy 500. The chevrolet corvette pace car registry 2007 indy 500. Ford built 2,000 replicas for public sale, but this is the actual raceused car. Three official pace cars were created for track duty. The 2017 indy 500 pace car is a chevrolet corvette grand. It wont outrace the cars participating in the indy 500, but nobody would expect the pace car to do that. Various automobile manufactures provide pace cars on an irregular rotating basis. They shared the same graphics with the real pace cars. Learn about the chevrolet corvette pace car registry and the pace cars.

The indy 500 pace car for 1982 was the z28 sport coupe which included sport mirrors, rear spoiler. For its 50th anniversary in 1953, ford motor company supplied a sunliner convertible to pace that years race. See more ideas about general motors, cars and indy cars. For the fifth time in the history of the indianapolis 500, a buick was chosen to lead the race cars to the starting line. The mustang was selected as the pace car for the 63 rd running of the indy 500. All pace cars were painted sun glitter light yellow and all were fitted with the dream car spare tire carrier. View detailed pictures that accompany our indy 500 corvette pace cars article with closeup photos of exterior and interior features. The 101st running of the indy 500, presented by penngrade motor oil, takes place sunday, may 28. Heres a look at some of the different styles through the years. The corvette model has earned this honor 14 times in the races long history, proving what fans already know the corvette is americas sports car. Actually, the real olds used to pace the 1985 indy 500 was a convertible, so these steeltoppers were really just an options package.

There have been many different indianapolis 500 pace cars over the years, but most would agree that theres nothing quite like a corvette. Other than being the most photographed car in the race, the pace car leads the field for two ceremonial laps and one official lap that brings it to the green flag at 11. The pace car a chevrolet corvette leads the field past an accident site at the 2007 indianapolis 500. The mustang hadnt been selected to pace indy since 1964.

The speedway has been taking cars from the track to the event for the past four years. The regal started out as a standard production coupe with the available hatch ttop roof. Chevrolet corvette indy 500 pace car 2002 pictures. So without further ado, mcg presents the bottom of the barrel in indy 500 pace cars. In motorsport, a safety car or pace car is a car which limits the speed of competing cars on a racetrack in the case of a caution period such as an obstruction on the track or bad weather. Corvette grand sport to pace 101st indianapolis 500. The complete record book of sebrings 12hour classic. No other brand or vehicle has served as the 500 pace car more than chevrolet and the corvette, respectively. The 2010 chevy camaro indianapolis 500 pace car is a 21st century sports car that looks to the future with a nod to both the cars and the races heritage.

Then if the officials deem appropriate, it releases the field at a purposeful speed. Camaro has since paced the race in 1969, 1982, 1993 and 2009. He was the indiana distributor for the automaker and, it. Orange paint, white leather interior, big brown steering wheel straight out of the 1970s. The race is remembered historically as a moment of firsts for the event. For sale 1980 indy pace car used in the indy 500 as the. Chevrolet corvette returns as 2017 indianapolis 500 pace.

The indianapolis 500 has had some memorable pace cars throughout its history. White chevrolet camaro convertible official pace car 51st indy 500 may 30, 1967. Aug 2, 2012 in 1931 a cadillac 370 twelve was the first general motors vehicle to pace the indianapolis 500. The replicas had 350s, gr70x15 radials, and heavyduty suspension. The aim of the safety car is to enable the clearance of any obstruction under safer conditions, especially for marshals andor await more favourable track conditions weatherwise. Exactdetail 214 2003 1967 chevrolet camaro convertible. Hanks also drove the pace car in 19581960, as well as 19621963. Assigned to festival 500 committee members delivered on april 1, 1967. Find information on indy pace cars including photos, collectibles, car of the month, and more. This is the 14th corvette to pick up pace car duties at indy, and its the 28th chevrolet. Indy 500 corvette pace cars photo gallery autoblog. General motors has supplied more than half of all indy 500 pace cars. Chevrolet camaro ss indy 500 pace car 2010 pictures.

But the 2017 camaro will be offered at dealerships with a 50th anniversary package that at least shares the same bold hood stripes as this years pace cars. Detailed results for every sebring race since 1952 and over 600 photographs every car to finish in the top. Detroits lost love affair with the indy 500 forbes. Redivory chevrolet belair convertible official pace car 39th indy 500 may 30, 1955.

Unfortunately, there have also been some many fans would like to forget. Its the record 12th selection for chevrolets iconic sports car. I believe that the 1975 buick pace cars may have been the first to be retrofitted with removable roof panels, or a ttops. The new 2014 c7 corvette has been chosen as the official 20 indy 500 pace car.

The older cars in black and white, new ones in color. No other vehicle has served as the pace car more than the corvette. This is the view that most other cars would have had of this rocket launcher. Second group, 2 camaro pace cars, special prepared and tested cars.

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