Archie comics archie marries betty part 1 pdf

Archie vol 1 issue 601 archie marries veronica, part 2. Archies girls betty and veronica comic read archies. Stories center around the daily life in riverdale, which includes school, sports, part time jobs, and romance. The night before the gangs graduation from riverdale high, the archies play their final concert and mourn the oncoming changes. Archie marries betty in one universe, and archie marries veronica in the other.

In 2010, archie comics launched a series called life with archie that focused on two different futures one where archie marries betty, and. Feb 18, 2017 archie vol 1 issue 601 archie marries veronica, part 2. One such example would be the disappearing body part. The first six issues of the magazine life with archie have just been released in collected form as archie. Archie comics, betty and veronica get married, sept. Nel maggio 2009, archie comics ha pubblicato i piani per quello che. Most stories usually feature the two females as fight for archie s affections. The company began in 1939 as mlj comics, which primarily published superhero comics. The first archie marries veronica issuse published by. The married life book 1 the married life series uslan, michael. The married life book 1 by archie comics goodreads. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other comic vine users. See more ideas about archie comics, betty and veronica, betty comic. The proposal issue 600 the proposal is part 1 in the 6 issue story arc, in which archie decides to marry veronica.

These are just some of the bizarre real life situations in either the archie marries veronica or the archie marries betty alternate realities. The companys many titles feature the fictional teenagers archie andrews, jughead jones, betty cooper, veronica lodge, reggie mantle, sabrina spellman, and josie and the pussycats. Archie comics double digest archie comics double digest archie. Relatively speaking, archie comics are not particularly sought after or in demand in comparison to. Digital series, along with its sister series archie marries veronica, each issue is released in print form in. When i was young tween, the only real reading i did was archie comics. Archie marries veronicaarchie marries betty is an american comic book story by writer.

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